Client: Class project
Date: Spring 2017

Our assignment was to create an aggregation fidget app. Using social media as the main app, TOPIC allows user to choose topics they would like to see on their feeds and those they would not. Set up in a game style, each bubble will bounce off the others when moved, and pops when either added or deleted. The bubbles are moved from the user’s swipes on the screen. Once “done” is clicked, the filters are applied and the user can go on to scroll through an aggregation of their social media feeds only with those topics selected. For this to work, posts would be essentially scanned for keywords, or would have the poster add tags to each post.

Originally, the idea was to filter posts based on mood. The user would create moods settings by associating a mood with a list of topics. However, this was not fun, and very basic.

Final Designs

Other Thoughts
I would like to expand on this project in the near future to show how the filter process works after the topic selection screen.
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