Client: Class project
Date: Updated Fall 2017

STEAM is well-known in the gaming world. However, it is overwhelming at times, and much of the content is repeated and unnecessary. 

- Create a more organized layout
- Condense nav bars
- Easy to find most wanted content

Version 1

I was not happy at all with how these came out. Alignment was off, and is just overall not my best work. However, I had just switched to New Media Design when I created this. Can only go up from here!

Final Designs
After more research and testing, I have found a better way to reorganize STEAM. The challenge with this project was trying to fit in all important information, without being text heavy. To create a concise design meant limiting amount of information shown. With more visuals and new layouts/ hierarchy, the information is now less overwhelming and easier to navigate, in an eye catching way.

The Homepage

Designed to be more visually appealing, the home page was reorganized using sub categories, as well as leveraging the main navigation bar to use sub-navigation rather than a side bar menu. Users can easily find the content they are looking for, as well as new content from curators.

The Game page

Using green as an accent color, it is less harsh on the eyes, and the important information is correlated positively. The content is broken up, and less overwhelming than the original. The use of white space acts as a way to keep users interested without having too much to focus on. The use of visuals to break up content also helps with the flow of the page.

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